I’m Isabel Dennis; the main curator of this space. I curated this online space because I wanted to have a place to explore ideas on education, young people and learning with other people. While it is starting with only my ideas, I look forward to collaborating with you so that it could more fully be a a consolidation of a range of ideas, a scratch pad of working theories, a collage of experiences, and a mixtape of lessons learned with and from humans; a space that people can come to learn to live more fully in the Caribbean.

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Isabel Dennis

More about this space

The Caribbean, like most previously invaded Black spaces, struggle with self-identity and self-confidence. My work aims to address this by creating spaces (online and offline) that focus on encouraging Caribbean people to re-build their communities using their strengths. Specifically I am:

  1. Building a database of Caribbean theory from lived experiences
  2. Developing & testing Caribbean theories of learning
  3. Re-telling Caribbean history from a Caribbean perspective
  4. Exploring and practicing local community building rituals and models
  5. Investigating and practicing how to use the abundant-but-hidden-in-plain-sight resources available in the Caribbean

More about me

Most days I consider myself a Trinbagonian student of life who designs spaces that encourage people to explore themselves and their environment through play and conversations, while the or the days I am.

I’ve spent a good few years researching, exploring, and testing alternatives to compulsory education in Trinidad and Tobago and I’ve recently expanded my investigations to do so in Jamaica. My practice and research is driven by my passion for supporting young people to live meaningful lives by crafting the future they desire.